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Rainwater Tanks and Water Storage

Whether you are wanting to collect water to irrigate a garden or a golf course, our team can advise on above ground and underground tank options to make the most of your outdoor space.

When incorporating water tanks into an irrigation or water storage solution, our team determines the best tank choice by considering:

  • the topography of the land

  • the soil type

  • council and water authority requirements

  • accessibility

  • aesthetic presentation

  • the quantity of water requiring storage

  • how that water will be used,

  • and the budget available for the project.


After considering these aspects, Brisbane Irrigation Systems will be able to recommend the perfect tank type and size for your application.


Water Tank Installation

Once your tank solution has been decided, our team of irrigation technicians and engineers are experts in installing commercial, agricultural and residential water tanks. We also have access to the machinery to get the job done efficiently to minimise disruption to your home or business.

From laying the foundation, to establishing all connections and recommending a maintenance schedule, all aspects of your water tank installation will be taken care of by our team so you can enjoy your water tank for many years to come.

Rainwater Tank Repairs

Wear and tear, extreme weather events and accidental damage can leave your water tank requiring attention. If your tank is showing any of the following signs, it may need repair:

  • Leaking

  • Cracking

  • Rust/Corrosion

  • Pump problems.


Welding, patching or tank liners may be used in repairing a leaking or cracking tank. Coatings can also be used to prevent corrosion. 

Our team can repair all types of rainwater tanks and can also advise if repairing the tank is the best option or if it is time for a replacement tank.


Underground Rainwater Tank Repairs

Working on tanks that are already installed underground requires special qualifications and experience.

At Brisbane Irrigation Systems we have qualified professionals on our team that can take you through the different options for repairing your underground tank such as welding, patching or installing a tank liner depending on the type of tank.

Water Tank Maintenance

While tank owners can do some maintenance themselves, there are times when an expert is required. When our team responds to a tank repair or maintenance request, they will carry out the following:

  • Check gutters for blockages

  • Check the first flush device, mosquito-proofing devices and leaf filters

  • Check the condition of pipes, valves and inlets

  • Check for sediment build up at the bottom of the tank


Our team can then undertake any maintenance tasks and repairs and provide advice on a maintenance schedule to keep your tank operating at its best.

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What type of water tank do you recommend?

Water tanks come is all different shapes and sizes and can be made from a variety of materials such as concrete, polyethylene, fibreglass and steel. Each type of tank will perform best in different circumstances so it is important to get sound advice for your particular application.

Concrete tanks are a great underground option and can tolerate light to moderate vehicle traffic, maintain a more stable internal temperature and don’t allow algae to grow. They can also act as a retaining wall.

Polyethelene tanks are light weight and easy to get into hard to access places.

Steel tanks can be more visually pleasing and hold large amounts of water for a cost effective price.

Some questions to consider are:

  • Will traffic need to drive over the tank?

  • Is it for drinking water or irrigation use?

  • Will it be visible to passers-by, so it needs to be visually appealing?

  • Is the planned tank site easy to access?


These are all things our team will consider when recommending a tank option for your property.


Why should I involve an irrigation specialist in the purchase of a water tank?

Irrigation technicians are the experts when it comes to providing solutions for water and storage and movement around your property. A rainwater tank will form just one part of a system that serves this purpose. Making the wrong choice on the size and style of tank can be a costly mistake that impacts the functionality and enjoyment of the irrigation system into the future.

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