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Sewerage Treatment & Land Application Areas

As well as commercial and domestic irrigation services, Brisbane Irrigation Systems also provides specialist services for the installation, repair and maintenance of wastewater and sewerage management systems.

Our team can advise on the best on-site sewerage treatment plant (OSTP) option for your unique property, soil type, land use and budget. 

Common sewerage treatment options include:

  • Septic systems that use biological methods of treating waste before dispersing it through underground irrigation systems, or

  • Sewerage treatment plants that use mechanical, biological and filtration to treat the wastewater before dispersing it via either an above ground or below ground irrigation system.


The distribution of wastewater from an OSTP involves a land application area (LAA). An LAA is the section of land allocated to dispose of treated wastewater. This land must be able to absorb organic matter contained in the wastewater and manage the large amounts of water and nutrients created by such a system.


Our team have the experience and industry knowledge to install, maintain and repair sewerage treatment solutions that are safe for your family, pets and the environment.


To discuss a sewage treatment system for your home or business, call us on 07 3255 5696 or complete an Enquiry Form today.


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Do you repair and replace septic tanks?

Yes, our team a qualified in the servicing, maintenance, repair and installation of septic tanks and many brands of sewerage treatment plant systems.


Where should a land application area be located?

When determining the location for a land application area the soil type needs to be assessed for drainage capability and the slope of the land and proximity to other infrastructure considered. The size of your property, surrounding vegetation, proximity to animals and accessibility for maintenance will also form part of the assessment.

The above factors will influence the type of land application area that is suitable for your property.


What are the types of land application areas?

There are a number of different types of land application area systems that can be used depending on property factors.

Soil Absorption Systems – The effluent is released into the ground at a depth that the roots of most small plants can’t reach.

Irrigation Systems – The wastewater must be of good quality (treated) before being dispersed in surface or subsurface irrigation.

Surface Irrigation – The wastewater must be highly treated and dispersed through drip, trickle or spray points designed to prevent airborne dispersion and run-off.

Subsurface Irrigation – The wastewater must be highly treated as is dispersed into shallow level soil.

Brisbane Irrigation Systems can design and install a home sewerage treatment plant (HSTP) that will suit your property.


Who can build an on-site sewerage treatment plant?

Only a fully licensed professional can design and install an on-site sewerage treatment plant. It is a requirement for service providers of both maintenance and installation services of sewerage treatment plants to be licenced by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). 


How do you maintain a land application area?

Failing to maintain your LAA can result in health risks, unpleasant odours, unwanted pests and insects and pollution to the surrounding environment, so it is important to conduct proper maintenance to protect the health of you and your neighbours.

  • Don’t ignore system alarms

  • Regularly check that equipment is operating correctly (this may be conducted via a service contact with a service agent depending on the type of system installed)

  • Fence all irrigation areas

  • Ensure all drains divert water away from the LAA and remain clear

  • Fill in any holes/dips in the LLA with soil

  • Keep grass mowed.


How will I know if my land application area isn’t working properly?

If you notice any of the following you should have your system assessed and serviced:

  • Pooling of wastewater on the surface

  • Vegetation not growing well

  • Unusual odours


Need help with your home sewage treatment plant? Then get in touch with Brisbane Irrigation Systems. We have a team of licensed professionals who have experience with a wide variety of treatment plants ready to help.

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